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COVID-19 (coronavirus) update.

We are constantly monitoring latest Government guidance during the current unfolding situation.

We remain open for essential services during this time and would politely request all customers call ahead, where possible.

Open: 9 - 4pm Mon-Sat, closed sunday.

We are not open for and will strongly discourage "browsing"
No more than 2 customers in-store at a time: if someone is already in, please await before entering.
Maintain a minimum of 2m distance between people within and outside the store
Many thanks for your understanding.

Workshop: Price Guide

General Workshop Servicing Price List

Prices are for labour only and do not include parts

This service is a full strip down of a bike to a bare frame It includes the following:
Bike stripped to a bare frame, frame and fork cleaned and checked
Headset and bottom bracket are removed, their condition is checked, they are greased and refitted
Wheel hubs are disassembled, checked for damage, cleaned, greased and reassembled

Then the bike is serviced as per a basic service

Good for: Restoring your bike to its former glory, recommended annually depending on usage
Gears are tuned and indexed, cabling and parts replaced as needed
Brakes are balanced and tightened, cabling and pads are replaced as needed
Nuts and bolts are checked such as crank, stem and handlebar clamp
Tyres are inflated and the drive chain is lubricated.

The headset will be removed, cleaned and inspected for damage and wear The head tube of the frame and the steerer tube of the fork will also be cleaned and checked The headset will be refitted and the cups and bearings will be greased The headset will be adjusted accordingly
The bottom bracket will be removed and cleaned and the frame threads or bearing surfaces will be cleaned and greased Open cup and ball bottom brackets will have new ball bearings fitted Pedal threads will also be greased
The hub will be dismantled and cleaned along with the cone nuts and axle Bearing will be cleaned or replaced The hub will be reassembled with fresh grease This is also the charge for fitting a freehub body
Both brakes will be balanced and tightened Braking surfaces will be cleaned and brake pads will be checked and replaced if needed Price includes the labour of fitting cabling as needed
To bleed a hydraulic brake the wheel and brake pads will be removed The pads will be cleaned or replaced if necessary and the brake will be bled with suitable fluid Rotors will be cleaned and degreased
Gears will be tuned and indexed where applicable Derailleur systems will have limit screws set, and the alignment of the rear mech hanger will be checked Cables will be replaced as needed
£20 DRIVECHAIN STRIP AND DEGREASE, (add on to a gear service)
In addition to a gear service, the drive chain will be removed and put through our parts washer to get it super clean The gears will then be serviced as per a gear service Allow a budget for an inner cable or two
When truing a wheel we always aim to get within 2mm Truing a wheel will often include tensioning the spokes
As with a headset service but with the additional work of cutting down the steerer tube An expander plug or star nut will be fitted to the steerer tube
Taking off the old chainset, and the adjustment of the front mech as needed
The old chain and cassette/freewheel will be removed and new parts fitted
Existing bar tape will be removed, cables will be tidied if needed Bars will be wrapped, ends taped and bar plugs fitted
£10 (Each)WHEEL FITTING, (not bought from the shop)
Wheels will be fitted along with rim tape, tyre and tube Brakes will be checked, and gears if it is a rear Tyres will be inflated

Note, if bought from the shop then wheels will be fitted for free
£2.50 (Each)TYRE FITTING
Tyres will be fitted taking note of the rotation direction if applicable, and inflated to the recommended pressure

This will include cleaning out the old sealant and replacing it with new

Be it a front or rear wheel, a bike or a buggy, puncture repair is one price and includes the cost of a replacement inner tube
£60Lower Leg Fork Service (from)
The forks will be stripped and cleaned then rebuilt with fresh oil and seals if necessary, for a full service or tuning we would send the forks away to our suspension specialist.
£60Air Can Service (from)
The shock will be stripped and cleaned then rebuilt with fresh oil and seals if necessary, for a full service or tuning we would send the shock away to our suspension specialist.
There will be many workshop jobs that do not fit into any of the descriptions above Prices of these jobs will be quoted as we go Just ask
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